"The Flower and The Wire"

Ink and Gold Marker.

Each evening, as the sun went down, she embraced the metallic clicks as the wires connected, one-by-one. The disconnect from the organic world was a feeling that couldn't be described, only experienced. Removing herself as a pawn in the war torn world was a welcome relief. 
Once the final wire implanted itself, she became as still as stone, a mechanical rest that would last until the sun were to rise again, the following day.

"The Flower and The Wire, v.2"

Ink and @ohuhu_official markers.

Every day felt like a repetition, the marionette traversing according to the whims of her mechanoid masters. This day was different, though. What were these strange organic creatures before her? The leaves and stems coiled much like her strings that keep her alive. Perhaps nature and machine are not so unlike one another. 

"Trial of the Corrupted"

Ink and Sakura Decorese pen.
Each piece is 9x12.

The price for a murder wasn't what she expected. Her thought was simply, a life for a life, so she thought she would get trial by fire and get executed for her crimes. But alas, her punishment was to be oh-so-much-worse. She was damned to eternal servitude as machine. A symbolic monastic life was to be her punishment. Thus, she was turned cyborg, to become immortal via mechanical body.

"Mechanized - Your Lawyer is In; Man-O-Wire"

Ink and White Acrylic.
Each piece is 9x12.

Upon release of my newfound love for ink drawing came a slough of more and more elaborate cyberpunk ink pieces. These are a select few to state as a testament to my inking ability.

Selections from "Samurai Unicorn"

Each piece is 9x12.

A small collection of the pieces that were included in my artbook, Samurai Unicorn.

I was challenged by two different artists in tandem, one for Unicorns, the other for Robots. My fiancee had the bright idea to combine the two ideas, and thus the project was born.